Tomorrow's Energy Solutions.
MANTRA Innovative Systems provides expertise in the design and application of innovative technologies to recover waste energy, and/or achieve a reduction in energy demand for our industrial and commercial clients.
MANTRA designs and builds energy recovery systems utilizing Thermosyphon Heat Pipe technology to recover waste energy from exhaust gas, air, and wastewater streams. The recovered energy is converted to useable preheated process air, preheated process water, or climate control air.
All applications of MANTRA's technology are targeted to significantly reduce a facilities demand for energy, returning the value of the recovered energy to the bottom line profit while also reducing the total volume of CO2 emissions.
Our goal is to help you meet your energy reduction goals.

MANTRA Innovative Systems 2013
Our Mission 
Our mission is to provide an avenue for the supply of innovative energy reduction technologies, recoverable energy technologies, and other synergistic technologies that provide industrial, commercial, and residential end users with  a viable means to lower their overall energy costs.  
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