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MANTRA Innovative Systems 2013

  OEM Support
Corporate Office:
200 Wingo Way Suite 100
Mount Pleasant,
South Carolina  29464
(843) 724.3461
(843) 724.3404
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MANTRA offers full engineering support to our OEM partners to develop energy recovery systems that can be seamlessly integrated into their current range of equipment and that will provide outstanding energy recovery performance to the end user.


MANTRA's engineering team has over 50 years of experience in mechanical, production, and process engineering. MANTRA dedicates one of our design team for each project to develop and maintain a thorough knowledge of the OEM's process and to establish and maintain a strong personal bond with our clients engineering staff.


Our close working partnership allows MANTRA to design energy recovery systems that keep the installation costs down and reduce the end users' operational costs without affecting their production throughput.


Once designed, MANTRA systems are supplied as needed, when required, ready for installation removing the need for our clients to inventory additional parts and equipment.


Units designed for our OEM's are supplied with distinguishing features and the clients' logos, highlighting their commitment to reducing their clients' energy bills.

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