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MANTRA Innovative Systems 2013

Thermosyphon Heat Pipe Technology
At the center of the systems offered by MANTRA are heavy gauge thermosyphon "heat pipes." Traditional forms of heat pipes have a wicking mechanism to return the condensate to the evaporator via capillary action. MANTRA thermosyphon heat pipes are wickless, gravity-assisted heat pipes containing a small amount of working fluid. Each vacuum-sealed pipe operates as an independent heat transfer unit.
Transfer of the energy occurs when the lower end of the pipe is exposed to a heat source. Utilizing the latent heat of vaporization, the thermosyphon facilitiates an energy transfer cycle during which the working fluids absorb the energy and turn to vapor. This energy is released when the working fluids condense at the cooler end of the pipe. The condensed working fluids return to the hot end of the pipe, and the cycle continues.
Thermosyphon heat pipes are designed to have very little hydraulic resistance, providing effective heat transfer in the vertical position, or with gradients as low as 5off horizontal. 
The latent heat of vaporization has a high enthalpy value allowing considerable amounts of energy to be transferred with a very small temperature differential. The amount of energy that can be transferred through the latent heat of vaporization is greater than can be transferred through traditional convective methods given an equivalent temperature differential.
Standard (smooth) heat pipe 
Pulsating heat pipe 
S-shaped heat pipe 
Hybrid heat pipe 
Finned heat pipe 
Click here to watch a heat pipe and flat panel demo.