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MANTRA Innovative Systems 2013

Thermosyphon Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers
MANTRA's energy recovery systems are custom designed for each application. Given the process parameters, each thermosyphon heat pipe heat exchanger contains a specifically calculated number of thermosyphon heat pipes to meet the project's objectives. The units operate with the evaporator section of the thermosyphons in the high-temperature exhaust stream and the condenser section in the low-temperature incoming stream.
In clean exhaust streams, energy transfer can be augmented by the addition of external fins. These fins increase the surface area of the heat pipes, allowing even more energy to be collected.
Flexibility in Design
Improving energy efficiency requires a unique, multidiscipline approach which is why each MANTRA system is designed and fabricated to a detail customer specification. This specification outlines details of the type of waste stream, the amount of energy available for recovery, and the client's use for that energy.
A major design advantage when using heat pipes against traditional technologies is the flexibility created when calculating the number and length of heat pipes required to achieve the desired goal. To fully utilize the available space within the plant, the MANTRA heat exchanger can be designed to optimize the height, width, and/or depth of this space.
Energy Transfer Modes
Gas-to-Air Assembly Process
MANTRA designs, supplies, and installs energy recovery systems for production facilities around the world. Our engineering and project management teams work closely with our clients through the design phase and when required, through the installation phase.
MANTRA provides three options for the supply and installation of our recovery systems:
  1. Supply of the heat exchanger unit only
  2. Supply of the heat exchanger with engineering support
  3. Turnkey installation
Our turnkey approach includes:
MANTRA prefers to hire local contractors and suppliers currently used or recommended by our clients so that we can be sure to provide the highest level of quality and service while maintaining competitive pricing.